Charity Gala – Swiss Healthcare for the Future of Ukraine

“Friends of Ukraine” charity association is organizing an Immersive Gala Evening on May 20th in Musikschule Konservatorium Zürich to support the development of Ukraine’s healthcare after the war. 

The Gala Evening will be filled with live musical performances, culinary specialties by a Ukrainian celebrity chef, and an NFT auction of major international artists, led by a specialist from Art Basel. 

During this Immersive Gala Evening, the guests will experience various facets of Ukrainian culture, from visual and culinary arts to music. 

The evening will begin with several musical performances by an interdisciplinary group of classical musicians from the LYUDẎ Cultural Solidarity group based in Zurich, followed by a choir of twenty children from the Ukrainian refugee community in Switzerland. 

During the NFT auction, the guests will have the opportunity to bid for six works by well-known names such as Badiucao and Peter Ruprecht, as well as several Ukrainian digital artists. The NFT auction is curated by Brittany Kaiser (who will also attend the event) and will be led by an experienced auctioneer from Art Basel. The auction will be continued online for 7 days after the Gala and will include rising stars of the Ukrainian and Swiss NFT communities.

The dinner menu has been specifically conceptualized for the Gala by celebrity chef and ambassador of Ukrainian cuisine Yurii Kovryzhenko. Consisting of traditional Ukrainian dishes with a modern twist, this menu sets to convey Ukraine’s culture and history through a culinary experience. 

The event will be attended by a diverse group of guests from politics, academia, business, media, art, and fashion – including members of the National Council, Vogue Ukraine’s editor-in-chief, and several speakers from Davos 2022 (which is taking place 2 days after the Gala). 

To attend the event, simply fill out this online form. The entrance fee is CHF300 (members of the press can apply to waive the fee by contacting, after which their application will be evaluated by our PR team). 

The immersive Gala evening is a black-tie event.   

The proceeds from the event will be used to fund Friend’s of Ukraine projects, which are aimed at bringing Swiss healthcare for the future of Ukraine – the healthcare system’s development, modernization, and sustainability. 

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About Friends of Ukraine 

Friends of Ukraine’s mission is to establish long-term partnerships between Swiss and Ukrainian healthcare actors to help sustainably develop Ukraine’s healthcare system after the war. With over 4,000 hospitals destroyed, healthcare in Ukraine is on the brink of collapse. Our aim is to bring in Swiss medical expertise and technology to help rebuild Ukrainian healthcare, transitioning it from the Soviet legacy to the cutting-edge Swiss system. 

Led by a Swiss-based telemedical startup Testasy, Friends of Ukraine was launched in the first days of the war as a volunteer initiative and has grown to become one of the largest Ukraine relief groups in Switzerland. 

Today we have 7 donation points in Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne, 2 refugee assistance centers, and over 20 Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking healthcare professionals. Our partners and donors include the Swiss Armed Forces, University of Zurich, ETH, University Hospital Basel, and Volvo amongst others. 

Since the beginning of the war, we have provided 500+ telemedical consultations and delivered 1000+ tons of humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine; welcomed 15,000+ refugees at our centers, as well as successfully connected several Swiss and Ukrainian hospitals.

You can find out more about Friends of Ukraine’s work and impact on