Welcome to Switzerland!

We do our best to help refugees from all backgrounds feel welcomed, cared for, and equipped to tackle their new lives in Switzerland.

To the best of our ability we strive to provide access to clothing & other critical necessities. We gathered a list of helpful resources below.

Here’s what you need to know once you arrive:

  • Asylum centers with 24 hour hotlines in French speaking Switzerland- click here.

  • Hospice General is the #1 source of most current and official information on refugees- Click here.

  • Secretariat for Migration site with updated information on the Swiss government’s actions with regards to Ukrainian nationals- click here.

  • Telegram group for parents with children for info on schools, child care etc..- click here.

  • Official website for info on the Ukraine situation- click here.

  • Website to help refugees in Geneva- click here

  • Very comprehensive site with info on how to offer accommodation, how to donate, how to help and general information (in French): click here.

  • Details on the visa permits issued to Ukrainians (in Russian, Ukrainian, English & German)- click here.